Members of our team receive computer training


We have received sponsorship from Computers for Zambian Schools and Solon Foundation This has enabled one government Special Education School to have a computer room with 14 computers.

The school has a great Special Education computer teacher which now means children with learning difficulties, visually impaired students and the Deaf can now receive computer lessons.

To teach 14 students in special education at any one time can be a serious challenge even for a skilled IT teacher. So our organization is providing volunteers skilled in sign language and computer skills to assist in class. This means the Deaf will receive the computer lesson in Sign Language.


Monies donated will be used to buy computer software for visually. Impaired students and those with learning difficulties. Funding will also assist our volunteers to receive transport money, at present they are funding themselves but long term covering transport themselves will not be sustainable meaning extra class room assistance will struggle to continue long term without funding. We would also love to see more computer labs in Special Education Schools.


Many Deaf children do not access education. Parents often cannot afford uniforms, transport or they do not know where to send their child who are Deaf. SLCZ is busy helping Deaf children get into school.

This is Luyando

She has never been to school and was 15 years old when we met her. She has never learnt sign language before. This is her first day at school. SLCZ has helped her to start school. We have also been teaching her Zambian Sign Language. She loves school.

Catherine and Melina

SLCZ has also helped Catherine and Melina who are both Deaf to get into school. Both these girls are enjoying school and learning sign language too.

This is Anastazia

She is a 30 year old Deaf woman. On completing school some of her grades were not good enough. SLCZ has helped her to rewrite some of the subjects and her grades have improved. She now wants to be a teacher and is being funded through SLCZ to go to ZAMISE college to learn to be a teacher.

This is Rabecca

This is Rabecca, she was raised in a single parent household and is Deaf. Life has not been easy for her. SLCZ wanted to help Rabecca get a skill. We took her to the Madevu Skills Training Centre. Rabecca is now a qualified tailoress and has been able to support herself financially with this skill.


Many Deaf children and teenagers are isolated within the family. Parents and siblings have no access to Sign Language classes and have no successful way to communicate with their Deaf child. This means many Deaf children spend hours alone missing out on family time. This leads to frustration, anger, sadness, loneliness and depression.

SLCZ has arranged at a local Special Education School to teach some basic Sign Language skills to parents and siblings of Deaf children. We have run the class each week for several months. Some of the teachers at the school have also joined.

This is Mulima and her family

This is Mulima and her family. Mulima is Deaf. She is part of a very loving family. They really want to communicate better with her so SLCZ have arranged a community based Sign Language program making it easier for them to access the class after work and school finishes.

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